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Cambridge Sound Studios is a state-of-the-art recording studio conveniently located in South Philadelphia, created by Grammy-nominated producer, Jim Salamone. Having worked with many artists over the years such as Grover Washington Jr., Teddy Pendergrass, Bon Jovi and many more, Jim utilized his experience and vision to produce a comfortable and creative environment, fusing vintage gear and recording techniques with the latest in cutting edge digital technology. Cambridge Sound Studios offers a professional, experienced and trustworthy staff, knowledgeable in nearly all genres of music. In addition to professional recording, mixing and mastering services, Cambridge Sound Studios provides audio engineering instruction, voice over/ADR, sound effects design, multimedia, photo and video services. 


Record professional grade audio in our comfortable studio with our collection of over forty (and growing) vintage and modern ribbon, tube, condenser and dynamic microphones. Take advantage of our ever-expanding arsenal of analog and digital, vintage and cutting-edge outboard gear while playing through our large assortment of instrument and amplifiers. 


Mix your audio in our state-of-the-art facilities with experienced mix engineers and producers. We offer creative and professional mixing services using ProTools HD in-the-box mixing with external hi-end outboard gear. Cambridge Sound Studios' mix room also boasts a lengthy list of plug-ins in addition to powerful monitoring system. 


Allow Cambridge Sound Studios to take your final mixes to the next and final level with our mastering services. Using a skilled ear, extensive technical knowledge, and superior outboard gear and cutting-edge technology, we can turn your final mixes into a balanced, consistent and competitive master


Everyone benefits from an objective opinion and valuable experience in all aspects of life, so why would music be any different? Allow our extensive musical training, knowledge and experience help guide your musical project efficiently and proficiently. Let us help you achieve professional and commercial results!


Looking for affordable and competetive artist/band photos or videos? Let us help you link up with a skilled and trusted photographer or videographer


Jim Salamone

Owner/Founder of Cambridge Sound Studios

Jim Salamone, started his musical journey as a drummer in his hometown of Philadelphia. As the years went by, he found himself opening up for artists like John Lennon and Larry Coryell, to then backing up artists such as Chuck Berry and Joe Cocker.  Riveting live performances paved the way for his extensive studio drumming career, eventually making a home for himself at Philadelphia's famed, Sigma Sound Studio.  By the early 1980's Jim applied his drumming and technical skills into sequencing drum machines and producing records for an array of critically acclaimed international artists. As the years passed, he had cultivated a long list of major label credits and accolades (including grammy nominations) for his many skills, whether it be drumming, writing, engineering, producing, mixing, and mastering or all of the above. Some of Jim's more widely known credits include popular artists such as Bon Jovi, Teddy Pendergrass, The O'Jays, Gladys Knight & The Pips, The Rolling Stones and many more. To see a list of some of his credits, please click here.   After nearly two decades of owning and operating studios in various places like Sigma Sound Studios and Studio 4, Jim decided to open a studio of his own. In 2007, Jim started creating Cambridge Sound Studios, a beautiful and large studio originally located in historic town of  Newtown, Pa in Bucks County . Since the studio opened it's doors in May of 2008, with each passing year, it was becoming more and more apparent that the studio had outgrown it's Bucks County location and the operation was in need for more space. As a result, Cambridge Sound Studios relocated to it's current location in South Philadelphia.  

Todd Mecaughey

Producer, Mixing and Recording Engineer

Todd Mecaughey started his musical journey off banging on cardboard boxes in his parents basement in the late 80's while listening to the Beatles and Beach Boys. Since then, music has been a lifelong passion- propelling him to become proficient at drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards. Todd has been performing publicly as a musician since 1997 and recording since 2001.In 2007, Todd graduated Drexel University with a bachelor's degree in music technology.  By 2008, Todd transitioned from studio intern to full-time audio engineer/music producer at Cambridge Sound Studios. As a recording engineer, he has contributed to a large majority of all Cambridge Sound Studios' output since the studio's creation.  In addition to engineering a large variety of Philadelphia's musicians, Todd has also ran sessions with notable international artists/major label recording artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club (England), Bishop Briggs (USA), Ladyhawke (Australia), The Joy Formidable (Wales),  The Regrettes (USA), Dreamers (USA), Karma Parking (Ireland), Julie Slick/Echotest (Italy), Screaming Females (US), Eric Slick of Dr. Dog (US), Ben Miller Band (USA) and Sister Sledge (USA) to name a few.  Todd has also worked under notable producers like Jim Salamone (Teddy Pendergrass, The O'Jays, Gladys Knight), Steve Greenwell (Joss Stone, Andy Grammar), Butch Ingram (Kool & The Gang, Patti Labelle), John Moyer (Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob) and Marc Nelson (Boyz II Men, Az Yet).  As a musician he has performed all over the US in various festivals, concerts and shows with local national touring acts and has appeared on countless recording projects produced in the Philadelphia area. He has also appeared as a musician on recordings with Adrian Belew (Talking Heads, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Paul Simon), Crystal Rovel Torres (Beyoncé, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Lupe Fiasco), Randy Bowland (Backstreet Boys, Patti Labelle, Al Green, Jill Scott) and Julie Slick (Echotest, Crimson ProjeKCt, Adrian Belew Power Trio) among many others.  

Drew Taurisano

Producer, Mixing and Recording Engineer

Drew is the man and plans on coming up with a pretty sweet bio to insert in to this nice little section that has been reserved for him. In addition to be a great and accomplished engineer, he's also really good at problem solving, fixing broken things and reading instruction manuals. He plays a lot of instruments and is also great chess player. 

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